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Engage and reward your most creative customers with our campaign and find pro creators for all your influencer marketing needs

How does it work?

Snapcoin uses the latest technologies to connect you with the right creators and customers.

Our web app allows you to launch a multitude of custom campaigns to involve all your audience segments in engaging, creative and rewarding activities.

Free products & cash

Choose the perfect content creators for all your digital and influencer marketing need.

List your campaigns on Snapcoin and receive application from your target users.

Stop the lenghy research, negotiation and administrative work and get a stream of applications from creators who really loves your brand!

Get access to advanced analytics and key stats and collaborate safely on our platform to scale your influencer campaigns in no time.

Discount & promotions

List your products on the SnapCoin app and get new sales and contents at the same time.

Offer your customers discount in exchange for contents or reviews.

Obtain massive social approval and recognition for your products and brand through your costumers micro influencing activities and see your sales skyrocket!

Type of contents

Stop struggling producing reels or video for your social accounts and let creators do their job!

Build a great content gallery for your brand to use in your website, social media and ads and benefit from the views users generate in their channels.

Simplify your content strategy and take advantage of the high engagement and metrics that user generated contents (UGC) bring to your brand.

Integrate our solutions

Easily integrate your Snapcoin campaigns at every step of your customer journey.

Take advantage of our fast growing community or involve your existing fans and customers through your newsletter, blog, posts, checkout or link on your website.

Build stronger relationships with your community and scale easily your content game.

Reward with no stress micro and nano influencers through our coin system and pay pro creator with safe and protected transactions.

Control, store and analyse campaign contents and results into an intuitive and easy to use platform.

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