Snapcoin is a platform that connects brands in need of visual, video and graphic content with the perfect content creator.
We are specialized in UGCs, authentic and high converting contents ideal to use on your Facebook or TikTok ads.

Our platform includes every kind, niche and level of creative individual. 

From Professional UGC creators and Influencers able to create a top performing commercial, to regular people ready to endorse brands, give feedbacks and share love for their favorite brands.

On Snapcoin you will find new paid collaboration opportunities and a marketplace where you can shop and obtain discounts in exchange for sharing simple stories or review about your purchase.

The app will be available from July 2022 on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

YES! Subscription to Snapcoin is completely free 😊 

Connecting your social media account is essential for Snapcoin to match you with the campaigns available. We provide an easy and safe connection through a third party API. 

You can connect your Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It is not needed to have thousands of followers to secure a collaboration. Just build your profile, add your portfolio and start applying for your available campaigns. 


On Snapcoin we have campaigns for every type of creator and experience.
From highly paid collaborations for macro influencers and pro creators to huge discounts on products for beginners.

Brands on Snapcoin target users based on multiple qualitative and quantitative criteria such as their followers’ numbers, interests, niches, rating, gender, age, location etc.

To get accepted you need to apply and wait for the brand response.
In your listing, we show the campaigns for which you lay in the brand’s targetization, so you always have great chance to get accepted.

Apply making your price and  writing down your idea for the content in paid campaigns or simply shop the products from the marketplace and send a content draft to the brands in discount campaigns.

To complete a campaign your content must be approved by the brand. 

Once accepted you have to create the content and upload it on the platform. 

Use the chat to ensure your content and ideas satisfy the brand before submission. 

Campaigns are marked either with ‘create’ or ‘share’ labels.
On ‘create’ campaigns you are only required to create and submit the content, while on ‘share’ campaigns, you are also required to share the content in your profile.
Brands on Snapcoin can either choose to request only the contents to use in their ads or to run influencer marketing campaigns leveraging your reach and follower base.
Normally, you can expect to charge more for ‘share’ campaigns and slightly less when sharing is not required.

Snapcoin is a content marketing platform that helps brands to get original and authentic UGCs.

Every campaign requires you to create a specific type of content such as a reel, a story or a post.

Normally, in a discount campaign, brands ask for a simple task such as sharing a picture using their product or writing feedback on the product page, while in a paid campaign, they look for pro creators to produce UGC ad video content.

When you complete a campaign, you get a rating from 1 to 5 and a feedback from the brand.
Your rating and reviews are visible to the brands when you apply for their campaigns and are an essential part of the selection process.

Discounts & Promotions

Snapcoin gives its users an exciting new way of getting rewarded while shopping. 

Discount campaigns will show you products and services to buy through our marketplace and reward you when you share a piece of content or a review of your purchase.

Basically you’ll get rewarded after the purchase and after you complete the campaign. 

Have fun shopping new awesome products and save creating contents for our brands!  

To buy a product from Snapcoin simply click on the ‘buy now’ button you find on the campaign details and shop the product required in the regular e-commerce store. 

To join the campaign you need to buy the right products and spend at least the price you see on the campaign details. 

After you have bought and received the product, upload your receipt and a draft of the required content by clicking on the ‘upload draft’ button.
Just wait for the approval and complete the campaign following the provided steps.

Paid Campaign

Paid campaigns are reserved for professional users on Snapcoin. The main treshold to get access to a paid campaign is to have an account connected with at least 4000 followers.
However, this follower count is not mandatory. Brands can choose autonomously their targeting requirement and might launch paid campaigns also for users with less than 4000 followers.

Scroll your listing and choose the campaigns you like more. As you find them, simply apply to them sending your price, and writing down your idea for the content.

Your applications appear on the ‘pending’ section of your campaigns. Just wait for the brand to accept your proposals. If brands feel that your pricing is too high, they can directly contact you on the chat and request a counter-offer.

When your quote is accepted, you can start your production. If you need a product for the campaign, brands usually ship it for free at your address .
When you feel your content is perfect and ready upload it on the platform and wait for the brand to accept it.
Communicate with the brands in the chat asking for suggestions or to show your drafts before uploading them to reduce revisions.

Payments & deposits

UGC creators and influencers can send bespoke quotes and get secure and easy payments  (plus free products

Starters can shop from our marketplace and get rewarded for sharing a simple content or review about their purchase 

We pay out your discount with our digital currency after the correct completion of the campaign.
We use our digital coins (Snapcoins ✨) which you can collect and transfer in a selection of thousands of gift cards from your favorite brands.
We use coins to simplify the payout process for non-professional users and to allow anybody to earn on the creator economy.

As soon as you complete the campaign, we immediately send the amount agreed on your account.

You can then easily deposit your earnings directly into your bank account, without chasing anymore your clients for payments.

Your payments are securely stored in a escrow account from the moment you get accepted until the completion of the campaign.

We provide both you and the brands, a fair and secure collaboration protecting your payment assuring quality to the brands.

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