Snapcoin is a platform that connects brands in need of visual, video and graphic content with the perfect content creator.
We are specialized in UGCs, authentic and high converting contents ideal to use on your Facebook or TikTok ads.

Our platform includes every kind, niche and level of creative individual. 

From Professional UGC creators and Influencers able to create your next best performing commercial, to regular people ready to endorse your brand, give you feedbacks and share love for your brand.

UGC stands for User Generated Content and it is any form of digital content created by the individuals rather than by a brand.

UGC stands for User Generated Content and it is any form of digital content created by the individuals rather than by a brand.

It could be a social media post, review, video, podcast, or any other type of content.

If it’s about your brand and none of your employees or affiliates created it, it’s User Generated Content.

Currently UGCs are the most performing type of content on social media marketing campaigns, and being able to develop a brand UGC strategy is essential for every brand, especially for direct to consumers (DTC) brands.

On Snapcoin you can create different types of campaign based on your objective.

Launch campaigns for professional UGC creators if you need high quality contents for your ads, to influencers if you want to leverage their followers and content reach, or to normal people and customers if you want to obtain social approval and high engagement.

Subscription is free and open to businesses and agencies of all size.

We will open the subscription in July 2022. Pre-register and book a demo to get a complete free on-boarding for your business.

Once registered on the platform and added your favorite payment method, you’ll be able to create your first campaign in minutes.

Follow our step by step process and post your campaign on the app, visible for your target kind of users.

Once your campaign is up on the platform, you will become to receive applications from the users interested to collaborate.

Control applications and choose the creators that best fit your brand.

Snapcoin has developed a fully integrated ecosystem where you can communicate, work and pay creators in no time.

User profiles shows you all the necessary informations to make the best choice when it comes to select your creator. See their portfolio, social media insight data, reviews and plenty of other useful informations.

Into the platform you are provided with an advanced dashboard and can control all your campaigns data.

Control users application and outputs managing your collaborations with the support and protection of our platform.


Content production and influencer marketing are now essential activities for most of the businesses, especially for D2C companies. 

Our services are available and convenient for businesses at every stage, from big brands wanting new ways to engage with their audience, to small and medium enterprises entering the space.

Yes! Snapcoin has been developed and thought as a service for everyone!

We are extremely suitable for companies entering the space, given the wide offer of campaign types, no fixed costs and easy to use UX.

Users and Contents

On Snapcoin you can find all the type of content you need. 

Stories, pictures, videos, reels. Just choose your needed type of content and let creators do the rest.

Content on Snapcoin can be obtained in 2 main ways: 

-Rewarding users with discounts.

-Paying users with cash and free products.


When you chose to reward users with discounts, you will need to link your store or products to the campaign and set a minimum price the users need to spend to opt-in and the value of the discount. 
For example, you can decide to give a 50€ reward to users who share a video of your 150€ product after sale.

When you chose to pay users with cash and free products, you usually target pro creators and influencers. In this case, targeted users can apply sending you a monetary quote and a presentation. In this way, you can receive multiple applications from interested users and make the best choice when selecting creators and influencers.

When you create a campaign on Snapcoin, you can chose whether the user need to post the content on his profile or not. 

If you chose the ‘share’ option, users will be also required to post the content, so you will benefit of their influence. 

‘Share’ option is usually more expansive as creators will leverage their follower base to sponsor your products.

‘Create’ option, is specifically designed for UGC creators and usually get more applications at a lower price.

Yes! You get complete ownership of all the contents you get through the Snapcoin platform. So you can utilize them with no stress on your advertising activity, on your website or everywhere you need, along your funnel.

On Snapcoin you will not search, discover and contact users, as it happens on all the other platforms. 

Users interested in your campaigns, can easily opt-in sending their application. 

Once you receive a user application, you can start a chat to communicate with your users and even request a counter offer.

Share files, drafts and suggestions to your users, and obtain your next best performing content in no time.

We guarantee a certain standard of quality for every campaign. 

Users need to follow the guidelines and produce high quality contents.

If you feel the user output is not satisfying, you can directly ask for a revision using the chat. 

Our team is always here to help, and if you feel the output still don’t meet your expectation after revision with the users, you can report it and eventually obtain a refund as per terms and conditions.


Campaigns are paid in 2 different ways based on the chosen campaign type.

Pro users are paid directly through a simple check-out when you accept them. Payments are charged on your registered credit card. We safely store the payment and release to the users once the campaign is marked as complete. 

Discounts on the marketplace are paid with coins. Coins are again paid out to users once the complete correctly the campaign. We charge your registered payment method each time your balance go beyond 400 coins (50€).

Our service fee:

-10% on top of pro users quotes and free products. 

-25% on the value of the discount. 

A single coin value is €0,10 when converted and €0,125 when purchased. 

For example, 400 coins have a €40 value for users and are purchased for €50. 

Snapcoin doesn’t charge any fixed or recurring fee. 

We adopted a usage based business model, which only charges you a fee on successful collaborations.

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