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Integrate SnapCoin into your marketing strategy and start exploiting more performing content in a simple and automatic way.

Prova la nostra piattaforma per entrare in una nuova esperienza pubblicitaria e ridurre drasticamente i tuoi sforzi di produzione di contenuti.

Looking for new marketing idea?

Right now there are many tools to reach people with digital advertising, but increasingly sponsored contents on social medias get skipped by consumers.

Now more than ever, Ads on social media suffer from dynamics of ‘banner blindness’ and skepticism by consumers, which increasingly lead to high costs and bad results.

It is the billions of contents created every day by friends and influencers that users want to see and interact with on social media platforms!

Questi post sono chiamati User Generated Contents (UGC).

UGCs are the most relevant, trustworthy and authentic advertising that can be created about your brand, but in many cases companies struggle to get them.

Reels on Instagram and TikTok are the best performing content in 2022, and if your brand isn’t making the most of it, it’s missing out on a huge growth opportunity. In this category, UGCs are the most appreciated content by the algorithm and the viewers.

On Snapcoin, your brand or agency can obtain UGCs like never before. 

Easily create a campaign and receive applications from the perfect pro creator or influencer from your niche.  

List your product in our unique marketplace and obtain content and endorsements from your new clients! 

Join our platform and boost your business traffic, social proof, engagement and sales!

Type of campaigns


Our unique marketplace feature gives you the chance to showcase your products on the app and offer creators discounts in exchange for content and reviews.

These campaigns are mostly targeted for starter creators and act as a way to engage and reward existing and coming clients.

Paid Collaborations

When you launch a Paid collaboration you will receive bespoke applications from your targeted creator pool.

Select your favorites from the applicants and collaborate seamlessly on the platform. 

These campaigns are ideal for obtaining professional high quality UGCs and influencing activity.

Platforms and users

The Snapcoin platform is open to creators of all kind, niche and experience.
From any influencer category to your favorite niche UGC creators.

Brands campaigns are listed on the app and visible to their selected audience, demographic and location.

On Snapcoin brands can either decide to run an influencer campaign and benefit from users sharing activity, or only request users to create UGC videos, which can later be used on social platforms and advertising activities.

Our platform is the best solution to bring new sales and awareness to brands, while creating a strong community.

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High performing advertising

8 X

Click through rate

Con gli UGC porti fino a 8 volte più traffico sul tuo sito web che usando sponsorizzate con annunci FB o simili.


6 X

Engagement Rate

L' ER medio dei post UGC che ottieni con SnapCoin fino a 6 volte superiore rispetto agli annunci sponsorizzati.


74 %

# Consumers

The majority of online consumers utilise Social Media as the primary source for making a purchase decision.


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